Web Design

Over the past several years I have developed a few websites written mainly in PHP, MySql and Javascript. I usually work on my own, developing from scratch the design and the codes. The latest versions of almost all my websites are now based on the Drupal content management system.

PianetaSostenibile (i.e. sustainable planet) was created by a biologist friend of mine and myself who both share an interest about informing people about the threats that our Planet is facing. It collects several articles written by both of us and other external sources about climate change, energy sustainability and the health and future of our planet. 

This is a website created for the University of London Observatory in 2013. It gives full acess to the archive of images aquired with the telescopes. It also provides an interface for the robotic telescope and gives the possibility to submit observing plans. It is based on the Drupal content management system. The website is accessible only by members of the Physics & Astronomy department at UCL. See the section "Software" for more details on this project.

This website is one of the products of my summer placement at the University of London Observatory (ULO) in 2011. It gives a list of all transiting exoplanets and can predict the exact times of all future transit events from any given location. It is currently used to plan observations for the follow-up of transiting exoplanets at ULO. The algorithms are written in PHP and the database of exoplanets is routinely updated from exoplanet.org.

DiscoveringVenice is a website owned by three Venitian tourist guides that offers private and semi-private tours of the city of Venice. The website was launched in 2005 and after ten years it is one of the best positioned in search engines and in TripAdvisor. The current version is the third restylying that occurred in 2014 and it is entirely based on the Drupal content management system with costum modules that manage automatically the booking and payment of the tours. I developed all the aspects of the website, from the design to the front end development and search engine optimisation.

Esseriumani is an Italian website that offers to every registered user the possibility to publish content such as poems, short stories, general texts and pictures. The first version of the website was published in 2007 and was entirely written from scratch in PHP and MySql. This project, which was originally thought as a way to share words amongst a small group of friends, has grown considerably and today there are several thousands of contributions by more than 100 authors. With a new restyling in 2014 the content was ported to the more efficient Drupal content management system.

Firstly developed in 2008, Italy Tourist Guides is a tourist national portal run by the Italian tourist guides, which offers general information about Italy and its main cities and regions in Italian and English. In order to administer the content I have created from scratch a content management system in PHP and MySql that allows registered users to create, modify and translate pages with different roles giving access to different parts of the website. Recently the project has been put on hold, due to new European legislations that redefine the role of a licensed tourist guide.

Created in 2009, Venice Cultural Tours was a website that offered semi-private tours for the city of Venice. It was decomissioned in 2012. The website was operated by over 20 licensed tourist guides and offered tours that different people could join. The booking system was completely automated and clients could pay their tours directly from the website. From a personal area, guides could manage their tours, bookings. As with all my other projects, I developed the design and the various algorithms, written mainly in PHP, MySql and Javascript.